Before Tatoo

  • over 18 years old
  • under 18 years old, only with parents
  • healthy
  • no alcohol, drugs and other narcotics at least 24 hour before
  • pregnant or breast-feeding - not making tattoo at all
  • we are not tattooing fascist or race -colour symbols
  • special designs we proceed on moral attributes
  • skin problems or skin complications => we contact specialists on skin-care.
  • when placing order, agree on price and a pre-paid deposit of 20€
  • if cancelling the order, we demand at least 48 hours notice.
  • the order can be cancelled by Mrs.Hromadova on her own discretion.

Permanent MakeUp

Skin care

  • no scratch
  • no scour
  • no sun-bathing for 14 days, sauna NOT ALLOWED
  • no swimming (bath, rivers or swimming pools)
  • only shower-wear air-breathing materials (recommend black clothes)
  • apply cream CALCIUM Pantothenicum free of charge